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A WOODLAND CHRISTMAS (House Blend) A rustic blend of fresh crisp bayberry, holiday berries, Frasier fir, woodland cedar, and winter spices

APPLE BUTTER CARAMEL  Slow cooked caramelized Macintosh apples, heavy cream, sugar, toffee pudding, vanilla beans, fresh nutmeg and gooey caramel make this a delicious treat  

APPLE ORCHARD  Apple picking season is upon us. Bushels of juicy ripe apples picked fresh from the orchard 

APPLE TOFFEE SHORTBREAD (House Blend)  Fresh granny smith apples baked in a rich buttery shortbread crust, topped with butter toffee bits, buttered pecans, and a heaping scoop of vanilla ice cream. Rich, buttery and decadent

APPLE ZUCCHINI BREAD  (House Blend)  Homemade apple pie & spicy fresh zucchini bread

APPLES & CINNAMON  Fresh apples slices generously topped with spicy ground cinnamon. There is no bakery in this, just apples and spicy cinnamon.

APPLES & EVERGREEN  (House Blend)  The aroma of freshly picked Macintosh apples with the backdrop of a pine forest

APRICOT NECTAR Fresh juicy apricot ripened by the sun

AUTUMN CAMPFIRE (House Blend)  The essence of fall - cinnamon, cloves, pumpkin pie, warmed apples, gingerbread, hot cider and a touch of marshmallow toasted over a campfire  

AUTUMN GARLAND  (House Blend)  A medley of zesty mandarin orange, autumn pear, tart cranberry, and a background of autumn leaves round out this cozy fall blend

AUTUMN PEAR  Fresh juicy pear slices lightly sprinkled with warm spices of nutmeg, cinnamon and a splash of creamy vanilla

AUTUMN WREATH HARVEST  The spicy warmth of cinnamon apples and autumn leaves of the fall season. A Yankee Autumn Wreath type duplication

BABY IT’S COLD OUTSIDE  (House Blend)  Curl up by the fire in your favorite blanket, grab a book, and sip a steaming hot mug of rich, decadent cocoa topped with sweet marshmallows

BAKE SALE  (House Blend)  The amazing aroma of fresh from the oven homemade apple crumble, chewy oatmeal cookies, cinnamon rolls with frosting, and buttery sugar cookies. Oh my! 

BANANA APPLE SPICE BREAD  (House Blend) Our banana nut bread blended with fresh crisp apples and a dash of spices

BANANA NUT BREAD  Freshly baked and loaded with fresh bananas, brown sugar, nuts and a touch of ginger  

BARN DANCE  (House Blend)  Aged worn leather, smooth Kentucky Bourbon, and warm velvety smoked vanilla

BEACH HOUSE  (House Blend)  Spend the day at the beach basking in the sun while the cool brisk breeze brushes your face. Salty sea air meets a hint of coconut sun tan lotion

BEACH NIGHT BONFIRE  (House Blend)  Salty sea spray from the ocean mingles with the aroma of campfire smoke wafting through the cool night air

BERRY COCONUT ZINGER (House Blend) Remember the afternoon snack of days gone by. Reminiscent of a cream filled berry zinger cake topped with shredded coconut. Those were the good ole days!

BIRTHDAY CAKE  A delicious blend of rich, moist white cake, topped with sweet vanilla buttercream frosting  

BLACK CHERRY BOMB  A dark full bodied burst of ripened sweet black cherries. Rich and Juicy!

BLACKBERRY JAM SUGAR COOKIES  (House Blend) Fresh buttery sugar cookies topped with a dollop of sweet blackberry jam

BLUEBERRY COBBLER Lightly sugared blueberries layered with a crunchy buttery topping and baked to perfection

BLUEBERRY LEMON BARS  (House Blend) Blueberry Cobbler and Lemon Bars collide. The perfect balance of sweet and tart

BLUEBERRY WAFFLES  (House Blend)  Light and fluffy buttery Belgium waffles topped with sticky sweet blueberry syrup. Delicious! 

BUBBLE GUM  Oh so realistic. It is sweet and delicious, just like a pack of old fashioned bubble gum

BUTTER PECAN CRUNCH ICE CREAM (House Blend) Freshly churned Butter Pecan ice cream is swirled with bits of rich Butter Brickle toffee pieces

BUTTERY MAPLE SYRUP  Sweet creamy melted butter blended with rich Vermont maple syrup and a hint of vanilla – this will make your fingers sticky 

CAMPFIRE MARSHMALLOW  (House Blend)  Smooth, creamy, gooey goodness with hints of smokiness. Sweet marshmallow toasted over an evening campfire. This will make your fingers sticky 

CANDY CANE  The traditional red and white striped holiday candy will put you in the spirit of the season. Icy, refreshing peppermint with a touch of sweetness

CANDY CANE SNOWBALL COOKIES  (House Blend)  Buttery sweet shortbread cookies are dipped in a sweet vanilla glaze and rolled in crushed candy cane bits

CANDY CORN  (House Blend)  The delightful sweet yellow, orange and white candies filled with vanilla sugary goodness, are sure to remind you of trick-or-treating during the Halloween season  

CARAMEL APPLES (House Blend) Freshly picked crisp Macintosh apples dipped in a thick, buttery gooey caramel. Rich and delicious

CARAMEL APPLE FRENCH TOAST (House Blend) French toast cooked on the cast iron griddle, topped with baked apple slices, sweet cinnamon sugar, and a light drizzle of gooey caramel sauce 

CARAMEL CIDER LANE  Mulled apple cider meets warm gooey caramel and sweet cinnamon. A B&BW “Cider Lane” type duplication 

CARNIVAL COTTON CANDY (House Blend) Sweet spun sugar that will melt in your mouth. A soft pink cloud of decadent candy confection and a touch of a little extra sweetness

CEDAR WOOD  Warm, earthy, aromatic fresh cedar – reminiscent of the inside of a hope chest

CHEESECAKE  Sinfully rich NY style cheesecake – fresh cream cheese, vanilla, butter, sweetened condensed milk, and hints of nutmeg and cinnamon on a graham cracker crust

CHERRY CRUMBLE PIE (House Blend)  Fresh juicy cherries, in a graham cracker crust and a delicious buttery crumble topping

CHERRY LIMEAIDE  (House Blend)  Refreshing concoction of tart lime juice and sweet juicy cherries, poured over crushed iced. The perfect afternoon beverage

CHOCOLATE ORANGE SLICES  Have you ever smelled those chocolate orange slices during the holidays. Zesty orange slices dipped in rich chocolate. This will take you there! 

CHRISTMAS EVE  (House Blend)  T’was the night before Christmas when all through the house, with visions of sugar plums, holiday berries, fresh cut Christmas tree, and the warmth of the hearth come together in this nostalgic scent

CHRISTMAS TREE (House Blend) Close your eyes and you are in the middle of a Christmas tree farm. The nostalgic scent of a fresh cut pine and Frasier fir

CIDER BARREL  Apple cider, warm mulling spices and a dash of clove simmered together in a large wooden barrel and aged to perfection. *If you love Apple Clove Butter - you will love this one

CINNAMON BUNS  Delicious baked buns loaded with cinnamon and sugar and generously topped with sweet buttery icing

CINNAMON CHAI TEA  Warm your soul with a piping hot cup of robust black tea infused with rich deep spicy cinnamon, and sweetened with vanilla cream (revised sweetened version)  

CINNAMON GARLAND (House Blend) Classic Christmas - crisp fresh bayberry infused with spicy ground cinnamon. So warm and inviting

CINNAMON GLAZED DONUTS  Fresh, warm donuts loaded with gooey glaze and topped with cinnamon & sugar. Pure doughy sweet deliciousness!

CINNAMON PINE CONES (House Blend) Pine cones dipped in layers of spicy cinnamon fill the stores during the holiday season and create this nostalgic appeal

CINNAMON SUGAR FRIED APPLES (House Blend) A southern batch of fresh macintosh apple slices simmer in juices, and lightly sprinkled with sweet cinnamon sugar

CITRUS & SAGE  (House Blend) Delightful zesty citrus complimented with the gentlest touch of aromatic fresh sage

CITRUS SPRITZER  (House Blend) A fusion of tart lemon zest, freshly squeezed orange juice, and sparkling effervescent citrus concoction bursting with bubbles

CLEAN COTTON LAUNDRY Crisp and clean laundry straight out of the dryer - similar to Clean Cotton by Yankee  

COFFEE & DONUTS  (House Blend)  Rich robust fresh brewed coffee blended with our sweet cinnamon glazed donuts. This will make you say aaaahhh

COFFEE HOUSE COBBLER (House Blend) Fresh brewed robust coffee is blended with our sweet Blueberry Cobbler

COFFEE SHOP  Step inside and smell the most delicious aroma of fresh brewed coffee made from rich and bold Colombian beans

COLD BARN MORNINGS  (House Blend)  Step into the barn on a cold dewy morning in the fall. Surround yourself with the aroma of fresh bales of hay, rich cedar wood, and the damp morning air after the rain

COLD WINTER’S NIGHT (House Blend) Step outside on a cold winter’s night. Refreshing eucalyptus and juniper berries, subtle hints of fireplace smoke, and a backdrop of Frasier fir

COTTON CANDY FROSTING  Sweet spun sugar collides with rich creamy buttercream frosting. A sweet candy confection

COTTON CANDY SPRITZER  (House Blend) We have combined our Carnival Cotton Candy and our Cotton Candy Frosting with an effervescent citrus fizz to give it the perfect amount of fizzazz

COUNTRY APPLE CRUMBLE  Baked apples, sweet cinnamon sugar, clove, and nutmeg, decadent and buttery crumble topping, and a heaping scoop of fresh whipped vanilla cream

COUNTRY CHRISTMAS  An old fashioned country Christmas - Cozy up to the spicy fragrance of clove, apple, cinnamon & oranges - surround yourself in nostalgia. Similar to Gold Canyon's Cozy Christmas 

COUNTRY FAIR JAMBOREE (House Blend) All of your favorite country fair treats blended together – a jamboree of sweet and salty country kettle corn, gooey buttery caramel apples and sweet cotton candy 

COUNTRY KETTLE CORN The air is brisk, pumpkins are carved, and the Fall Festival awaits. Freshly popped kettle corn drizzled in sugar, sweet vanilla, brown sugar and molasses creates the most delicious sweet and salty snack 

COUNTRY STORE  Step into a country store – the aroma of cinnamon, ginger, apples, spices, and scented candles

CRACKLING CAMPFIRE The wonderful aroma of a crackling fire and wood smoke. Just like sitting around the campfire

CRANBERRY JAM SUGAR COOKIES (House Blend) Sweet buttery sugar cookies are topped with a dollop of tart cranberry jam

CRANBERRY MANDARIN  A fusion of tart cranberries and zesty mandarin oranges create this mouth-watering blend

CRANBERRY ORANGE CAKE (House Blend) Orange chiffon cake infused with tart cranberries. A mouth-watering dessert 

CRANBERRY SAUCE Thanksgiving dinner is not complete without a side of homemade cranberry sauce. This is bursting with tangy cranberries, balance with the perfect amount of sugar, and a dash of spice 

CRANBERRY WOODLANDS Tart cranberry, black currant, cinnamon bark and musky woods create a warm and cozy scent. A B&BW “Cranberry Woods” type duplication 

DASHING THROUGH THE SNOW  A festive blend captures the essence of winter. Fresh fallen snow, shimmering pine, crisp bay leaf, warm winter woods & a hint of cinnamon. Close your eyes and you can just imagine that you are dashing through the snow on a cool winter day. A B&BW Winter type duplication

DISNEY INSPIRED SCENTS  Refer to the Main Street Memories Collection Sampler

DREAMLAND (House Blend) Marshmallow fluff, cotton candy frosting, sweet lavender, and refreshing peppermint

EVERGREEN & ORANGE GROVE (House Blend) A beautiful fusion of Siberian pine, Frasier fir, and sweet oranges picked fresh from the grove

EUCALYPTUS & MINT  An invigorating and refreshing balance of eucalyptus and mint. A B&BW Eucalyptus Spearmint/Stress Relief type duplication

FAIRIES IN THE SNOW  A beautiful sweet concoction of pears, cotton candy, vanilla and cherry. A Lush Snow Fairy type duplication 

FALL FOLIAGE  (House Blend) There is a chill in the air, the leaves are changing and it is beginning to feel like fall. The dewy scent of earthy autumn leaves after the rain and the warmth of crackling logs on the fire fill the brisk outdoor air

FALL HARVEST LATTE  (House Blend) A rich dark roast latte infused with spicy cinnamon sticks and a dash of clove. This is so warm and inviting and a wonderful fall scent

FALL IN THE COUNTRY  Crisp apple cider, woodsy notes of oak, a hint of oranges, cinnamon bark, and a dash of clove spice. This is warm and cozy. Similar to McCall's Country Store 

FARM FRESH BREAKFAST (House Blend) Wake up to the intoxicating scent of buttermilk hotcakes, cinnamon coated French toast, fresh churned butter with rich maple syrup, and maple glazed hickory bacon. Don’t let the bacon scare you. It is subtle and this is delicious

FARMHOUSE (House Blend) Hot apple cider delicately layered with zesty mandarin orange slices, sprinkled with warm clove and spices, simmered to perfection

FIZZY APPLETINI (House Blend) Fresh and effervescent concoction of juicy green apples, ripe pineapple, fizzy orange slices, and ginger spice

FIZZY FIZZAZZ  Sparkling effervescent citrus concoction bursting with bubbles. This is a great scent to use as a blender and turn any scent into your own effervescent fizzy blend

FOR GOODNESS GRAPE  Full bodied ripe muscadine grapes and sweet grape juice

FRESH BAKED BREAD  Homemade piping hot loaf of bread, fresh from the oven. This crusty, doughy delight will have your friends and family longing for a hot buttered slice

FRESH BREAD & JAM  (House Blend) Fresh baked bread, straight from the oven, slathered with sweet strawberry jam

FRESH JUICY PEAR  Authentic, crisp and fresh juicy pear. Crisp and refreshing

FRESH RASPBERRY SAUCE  Rich and deep tart red raspberry, with a hint of sweetness. Extremely realistic and strong

FROSTED WINTER CRANBERRY  Fruity goodness bursting with both tart and sweet cranberries blended with just a touch of sweet creamy vanilla  

FRUIT LOOPS  Just like the breakfast cereal. Fun & fruity – grab a spoon and dig in

GINGERBREAD CAFE  (House Blend) Fresh brewed robust coffee is combined with our delicious holiday gingerbread blends 

GINGERBREAD HOUSE (House Blend) Fresh from the oven, spicy homemade fresh gingerbread blended with ground cinnamon, fresh vanilla bean, ginger & sticky molasses

GINGERBREAD SWEET CAKES  Gingerbread cake sweetened with vanilla sugar and a honey glaze. This is a perfect balance of sweet and spicy gingerbread

GRANDPA’S PIPE  This brings back happy memories of my grandpa sitting outside at night smoking his pipe. An authentic blend of crushed tobacco leaves, dark cherries, and sweetened with vanilla

GRANNY SMITH APPLE  Fresh granny smith apple - sweet and juicy with the perfect balance of tartness (this replaces Green Apple)

GREEN PASTURES  The crisp, clean scent of fresh green grass in the summer air, with a hint of sweet clover

HANSEL & GRETEL  Sweet toasted graham crackers, vanilla frosting, and a dash of sweet cinnamon

HARVEST CAULDRON CIDER  (House Blend) Tart cranberries, pumpkin, and apple cider are simmered together in mulling spices

HARVEST MOON  Nutmeg and cinnamon sticks layered over a rich base of applewood and cedar creates this wonderful autumn night under a harvest moon. A BBW “Autumn Night" type duplication

HARVEST SEASON  A fall favorite. A spicy blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, pumpkin and other fall spices. A Yankee "Harvest" type duplication

HAUNTED CARNIVAL (House Blend) Deep fried apple fritters, churros rolled in cinnamon sugar, fresh pretzels slathered in butter, and sticky caramel sauce

HAUNTED HAYRIDE (House Blend) Fall is in the air. Take a ride on a hayride on a chilly fall evening. Surround yourself with scents of hay, crisp leaves, Macintosh apples and hints of cinnamon 

HAUNTED HOLLOW  (House Blend) A hauntingly warm blend of deep Cedar Wood accented with rich spicy cinnamon

HOLIDAY EGGNOG  A favorite holiday tradition. You will want to drink this. Rich and indulgent, creamy concoction blended with rum and dusted with nutmeg. Cheers!

HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS  (House Blend) Sit by the fire on a cold winter’s night and take in the scents around you. A wonderful blend of fresh wintery balsam pine, Macintosh apples and tart spiced Cranberries fill the air

HUCKLEBERRY LANE  Grandma’s homemade fresh wild huckleberry preserves. This is both sweet and tart and will make your mouth water

ISLAND FRESHNESS (GAIN)  Clean and fresh, slightly fruity - Laundry meets tropical. A Gain Island Fresh type duplication

JUICY PINK GRAPEFRUIT  Sparkling fresh, juicy grapefruit, and so realistic. Pucker up!

LA PATISSERIE (House Blend) Fresh from the oven pastry dough, caramelized sugar, sweet buttercream, spicy cinnamon, and rich vanilla

LAVENDER COTTON CANDY FROSTING (House Blend) Lavender collides with sweet cotton candy frosting

LAVENDER MINT  (House Blend) Fresh Lavender, icy peppermint, and a hint of vanilla create this wonderfully soothing aroma

LAVENDER SWEET VANILLA  Soft fresh lavender sweetened with vanilla

LEAVES (IN AUTUMN)  Capture the essence and warmth of autumn with a rich blend of crisp red apples, golden nectar, and spiced berries. A B&BW “Leaves” type duplication 

LEMON CURD  A delicious tart lemon custard composed of fresh lemon juice, lemon zest, sugar and a touch of vanilla

LEMON CHEESECAKE  Rich creamy cheesecake infused with fresh tart lemon juice, bergamont, and vanilla, baked in graham cracker crust

LEMONGRASS & COCONUT (House Blend) A refreshing blend of tart lemongrass and sweet coconut milk

LEMON MALLOW FLUFF (House Blend) Lemon zest is paired with vanilla bean and pillows of marshmallow fluff

LEMON SUGAR  Tart lemon rind, shortbread crust, and sweet sugar crystals

LIMONCELLO SPRITZER (House Blend) A fusion of fresh lemon zest, sugar crystals, and an effervescent citrus fizz

LOVESPELLS  A romantic medley of fresh citrus, sweetened with berries and a hint of green and floral. A VS Love Spell type duplication

MAIN STREET CHRISTMAS  Step back in time as you stroll down historic Main Street during the Christmas Season. Christmas trees in store windows, lanterns adorned with wreathes and bows, and twinkling lights set the scene. This scent captures the scents of the season; tart cranberries, bayberries, crushed cinnamon, hints of orange zest, and a background of freshly cut pine trees 

MANGO TANGO  (House Blend) A fruity tango with notes of mango, fresh strawberries, rich vanilla, toasted coconut and a splash of pineapple. A tropical delight 

MARSHMALLOW NOEL  (House Blend) Vanilla Noel combined with gooey marshmallows creates this delicious sweet treat

MINT JULEP  Infused with limes, cool muddled mint, a hint of sweetness, and a sprig of mint. This is the quintessential refreshing summer drink of the south

MULBERRY SPICE  (House Blend) A winter classic. Fruity mulberry and a hint of woodsy spices. A Homespun Original House Blend 

MULLED APPLE CIDER  Perfect for fall. Sit by the fire while you sip a steaming cup of warm apple cider. Macintosh apples and mulling spices, simmered to perfection